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Interview with ThePrussianPrince

Posted by Spritty on March 14, 2015 at 10:00 AM

We caught up with ThePrussianPrince for an interview to see his toughts about A:TW and get some insights about the multiplayer aspect from one of probably the best player there is.


Fixer: Hello ThePrussianPrince, first of all can you introduce yourself for our audience?

ThePrussianPrince: Hello. I'm Radu, but you may know me online as ThePrussianPrince. I live in Bucharest, Romania and I'm part of the Aggony clan. I was in a lot of clans before finally settling in Aggony (which was in 2012), but I'm very happy to have finally found the clan that suits me.

Fixer: How did you came into contact with the Total War series and witch game you like the most?

ThePrussianPrince: I first played, I think it was, the first Medieval Total War, but that was just briefly. I started getting more into the Total War series when the first Rome came out, though I didn't really play multiplayer until Napoleon came out. Once Napoleon was released, though, I pretty much played multiplayer almost exclusively, and since then that's still the case. My favorite's got to be Fall of the Samurai, though, I think in terms of the multiplayer aspect that had the best balance in the beginning, most tactical depth, and was also most fun for me. It's still the case even now I'd say, I'd take the multiplayer of FotS any day over Rome 2's or Attila's, in a heartbeat.

Fixer: What do you think about the multiplayer aspect of A:TW?Do you think CA made a better job at the launch of A:TW compared to the launch of ROME 2:TW?Do you have any suggestion on improvements that CA can make?

ThePrussianPrince: The multiplayer of Total War: Attila has not really been overhauled in terms of features, bug fixes and such when compared to Rome 2. However, it is better in 2 ways: balance, and it's way more fun for me. I also think they really had a good release with Attila, it was a much better one than Rome 2's at least.

Fixer: What is your opinion about the competitive community ?General aspect, what would you like to see,etc.

ThePrussianPrince: I would like to see a website that is the main "hub" of competitive Total War, currently there are a few ones trying to do so, but because of that reason the community is split up. We don't have something like StarCraft 2 has (TeamLiquid), for instance. I'd say the competitive community is not in a bad spot right now, but things could definitely be improved in that regard. One thing's for sure though: more tournament games need to be streamed and casted, at the moment very few are which is a bit unfortunate.

Fixer: Do you have a favourite A:TW faction ?

ThePrussianPrince: As you know, I like OP factions so I'd probably go with Eastern Roman Empire or better yet, something like Ostrogoths. Langobards/Burgundians are up there too. Though, if by favorite you mean which is most fun, that would probably be the Sassanids.

Fixer: Can you give a couple of tips for the new players out there that love Total War?

ThePrussianPrince: For new players that love Total War (multiplayer specifically), you should definitely check out the following YouTube channels: mine (which is ThePrussianPrince), Maximus Decimus Meridius, milkandcookiesTW, Theokoles of Rome, Wolf of Remus and Heir of Carthage. I probably missed some other good ones, in that case I'm sorry.

Fixer: Lastly , do you have any shoutouts or anything you would like to say to the community?

ThePrussianPrince: I would like to give a shoutout to my clan, Aggony, as it's great to be part of it and all the people in it are amazing. I'm not talking about how good they're at the game here (some of them definitely are really strong though), I'm talking about how they are as people. I would also like to give a shoutout to the RTK and IDE clans, they definitely provide a lot to the community.

You can see ThePrussianPrince in action tonight in our first tournament that’s going to start from 18:30 London Time and you can watch it at .

Thanks to Fixer and ThePrussianPrince for the Interview!

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